About Us

We are pm2am - Student Trips, specializes in organizing trips for students from Germany and all over the world who want to discover the beauty of Europe. Travel comfortably while encountering new people and places! Our friendly team leaders are always there to answer your questions or help you with any information you need. The trips we offer will be the highlight of your time studying abroad, so don't miss out!


Every month we travel to discover new places: Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Budapest, Munich, Paris, Prague, Venice, Vienna, Zurich and many more!


Currently operating from Germany, Netherlands and Belgium, our vision is to extend our trip portfolio and grow our bus network, to service as a pan-European travel partner to students and young professionals. Watch out for the next departure near you!


For trip enquiries, last minute tickets or any other trip-related questions, please write an e-mail to: travelagent@pm2amtrips.com
Check our facebook page for the latest offers: www.facebook.com/pm2am.trips