Frequently Asked Questions

Booking/Payment FAQ's

a. First, choose from among our awesome going trips on every weekend. (We recommend all of them 😉)

b. Then, pick the departure city that is most convenient to your location and the number of tickets you wish to purchase.

c. Fill in a simple form with your personal details as well as contact information and proceed to the payment page.

d. Redeem your voucher code (if you have one) and choose one of our payment options and complete the booking.

e. Get your ticket and prepare yourself for an awesome journey with us !!

Even though most of our travelers are students, you are still welcome to join our trips as long as you are between 18 and 35 years old.

Your birth date is needed because only people between 18 and 35 years old can travel with us. We ask for your valid contact information, such as phone number and email, so that we can reach you before and during the trip. However, we comply with data protection regulations, so your personal information is safe with us.

There is no fixed deadline, as we continue to sell tickets until the buses are fully booked. However, seven days prior to the date of departure, the bank transfer payment option is no longer available.

Yes, as long as there is a group of at least 20 people leaving from that city. If this is applies to you, please contact us as soon as possible, in order for us to make arrangements. Otherwise, it is not possible, as we plan the routes based on the demand that each city has.

If you and your friends depart from the same city, most likely, you will be in the same bus. However, in order for our system to recognize you as a group, we encourage you to book your seats all together. If you and your friends depart from different cities, we cannot guarantee that you will travel in the same bus together or stay at the same accommodation in case of a multi-day trip.

There are special seating arrangements among your extra options for all trips. These seats are referred to as PREMIUM SEATS and SEATS TOGETHER, their prices vary depending on selection. These seats are handy especially if you need or want some extra room around you while traveling on the bus. Or when traveling with a companion, partner, best buddy or family member and want to sit together. Here is the description for each option you have when booking: Front Row (yellow) Get to enjoy the beautiful view from the front of our bus. Enjoy European scenery you only get to see when you are on the road. You will be able to get that photo snap on-the-go. Balcony Seat (purple) Perfect if you wish to have an open space before you! With no one reclining into your personal space. This place allows you to work your way out of the bus quicker. 2nd Row (green) Get a glimpse of how the road ahead looks like as you´ll be close to the view from our Front Row. Seats together (any blue seat, together) If you wish to make sure your companion will sit next to you, this option will save you the trouble :) Note: Please keep in mind that if you and your partner are booking from different cities, there is a possibility of not boarding the same bus. This arrangement does not apply for hotel rooms (you are not booking a private room). Hope this helps you decide what is it that you would like to have during your trip.

Yes, you must make your payment within a maximum of 6 days after you register. If our buses are fully booked by the time your money arrives, you will get all of your money back within 14 working days. So prompt payment is advised to increase the chances of getting a confirmed seat !!

a. Credit card or SOFORT banking payments are validated in real time. Therefore you will get an email immediately after making your transaction.

b. Bank Transfers are validated upon receiving your payment (may take up to 4 bank working days). Since we receive many payments on a daily basis, it is very important for you to put the correct Transaction ID in the reference field, in order for us to keep track of your booking (follow the payment instructions we send to you upon registration). By failing to do so, you will be asked to cover an additional
5 € handling fee.

Yes, you can. Just follow the Payment Instructions email that you will receive upon registration. It clearly specifies a Transaction ID to be used in the reference field for bank transfers.

Post Booking FAQ's

The bank transfer takes up to 3 or 4 bank-working days, so as soon as we receive your payment, we will send you the confirmation via e-mail. Please always check your SPAM folder too. In case you are still waiting for the confirmation and more than 4 days have passed, please contact us via e-mail at:

Yes you can, we have a departure-change option, which you can use by logging-in to the My Account page. Here, you must select the new city of departure. If there is availability in the new city of departure, our system will prompt you to continue to our payment page. Here you will be asked to pay the difference fare along with a change fee, depending on the type of trip (10 € for a day trip, 20 € for a multi-day trip, 50 € for cruise trip).

Yes you can, we have a name-change option, which you can use by logging-in to the My Account page. Here, you must fill in the personal details as well as contact information of the new guest. Continue to our payment page, where you will be asked to pay a change fee, depending on the type of trip (10 € for a day trip, 20 € for a multi-day trip, 50 € for cruise trip).

Login to My Account page and click on Cancel Booking. Then, choose between two options:

1.Voucher refund: By selecting this option, you will get a pm2am voucher, which you will be able to use for future purchases with pm2am - Student Trips. (non-transferable, valid for multiple-use, valid for 180 days)

2. Money refund: By selecting this option, you will be asked for your bank account details, in order for us to begin the refund process. It takes up to 14 working days for you to receive the money.

Depending on the date of cancellation and the refund option chosen, you will get a certain percentage of money back (up to 100%).

Days before departure 31 days or more 25-30 days 17-24 days 8-16 days 0-7 days
Voucher refund 100% 80% 60% 40% 25%
Money refund 80% 60% 40% 20% 5%

In case of no show of the participant, the amount is still due and will not be refunded.
*The refund percentage is applied to the base fare.

Departure and Travel FAQ's

Please be aware that you are required to carry valid travel documents as mentioned below. To avoid any inconvenience to the group, these documents will be checked for by pm2am staff before boarding the bus. Travellers failing to meet this requirement will not be allowed to board the bus and their ticket will stand forfeited.
    -EU Nationals: VALID PASSPORT or ID CARD.
   -Other Nationalities: VALID PASSPORT and RESIDENCE/ STAY PERMITS (Some nationalities are exempted from requiring a visa in Schengen region)
VISA requirements differ on a case to case basis. For more information about your specific immigration inquiries, please contact your country's immigration authority.

For one-day trips you are entitled to bring one piece of hand luggage (max. 40cmx30cmx10cm) inside the bus, which must not exceed 5kg in weight. For multi-day trips you are also allowed to bring another piece of luggage to be stored inside the trunk. This piece (max. 50cmx40cmx20cm) must not exceed 15kg in weight. Failing luggage limitations will incur an immediate, non-negotioable, fee of 20€ which must be paid before travel. In this case, pm2am cannot guarantee that the items of luggage in question will be transported. For your ease and comfort we recommend you to travel with minimal luggage.

Do you have too much stuff to fit in a small suitcase? You can upgrade your luggage size and bring a larger suitcase with you! Max size: 80cm x 50cm x 30cm (allowing for some deviations, max. total: 160cm); max weight: 20 kg. Upgrade your luggage by just adding it to your booking online for 9.99€. You can also upgrade your luggage on the spot at your departure city for 15€, but we cannot guarantee that there will be enough space in the bus for it.

During the journey, the hold luggage will be locked. During the first day of a multi-day trip, you may not have access to your checked luggage until arrival at accommodation in the evening. Then, the luggage compartment will be opened for you to retrieve your luggage. Luggage left inside the bus during the day is as "safe" as can be in a locked bus, however pm2am is not responsible for the loss of luggage in case of theft. In other words, your luggage left in the bus is NOT insured. We recommend all our travellers to have travel/luggage insurance which covers theft. We would like to highlight the rule that valuables (Passport, mobile phones, laptops, tablets etc) should NEVER be left on board.

Regardless of when you booked, you will receive this information by email at least three days prior to departure.

It is difficult to predict the times of arrival back to your starting city because it depends on many factors (road conditions, time we begin our return journey, breaks, etc.). You may ask your team leader on board for an estimate time.

This extra charge is collected on board as a 10 deposit that our partner hostels request for the room key and the damages that might be caused to the room. This amount is 100% refundable, as long as you return the key and the room damage-free.

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