Dear Travellers,

If you question why Switzerland is one of the happiest countries in the world, it takes less than a minute to come up with an answer! How can you not be happy being in the country of the best chocolate, the best cheese and the best nature with magnificent mountains and simply breathtaking turquoise lakes? We will head to Switzerland for one day - breathtaking views, unforgettable memories and awesome experiences guaranteed! So do not think twice, book your ticket and join us to Montreux, Bern and Basel! ***HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE*** -The astonishing view of Alps from the one of the most amazing lakes, Lake of Geneva! -The awesome cities of Bern (Capital of Switzerland) and Basel! -Postcards, maps and handy trips from pm2am when visiting Bern and Basel -Comfortable coach travel with AC, WC, Premium Seats, DVD etc. -Friendly pm2am Team member, full of tips and good humor, as well as always willing to help you and taking the best pictures. ***CITIES OF DEPARTURE*** These are the cities of departure, prices and approx. departure times. (Please consider that the times have to be confirmed, this is just for you to have an idea! The exact times will be sent 3 days before the departure via e-mail). 19.10.18 | 13:00 | Amsterdam Sloterdijk (74.99 EUR) 19.10.18 | 13:00 | Brussels Airport (74.99 EUR) 19.10.18 | 19:00 | Cologne Hbf (69.99 EUR) 19.10.18 | 21:30 | Frankfurt Hbf (64.99 EUR) 19.10.18 | 13:30 | Leuven (69.99 EUR) 19.10.18 | 17:00 | Maastricht Stadionplein (74.99 EUR) 19.10.18 | 23:00 | Mannheim ZOB (59.99 EUR) 20.10.18 | 01:00 | Stuttgart Vaihingen (59.99 EUR) 19.10.18 |14.00 | Utrecht Westplein (74.99 EUR) **You will receive the exact times a few days before the departure. We DO NOT recommend to book train, flight or bus tickets before receiving the final departure times. There could be some smaller modifications. Check always your SPAM folder to be sure you get our e-mails. ***THIS TRIP INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING*** -Bus transfer to and from your destination with 2 friendly bus drivers and a team member of pm2am - Student trips, who is more than willing to give handy tips about the city as well as take the best photos for you -The start-your-day pm2am - Student Trips snack package once arrive to Montreux -Free Map and travel information of Bern and Basel -Free post card of Bern and Basel


  • Duration: 19/Oct/2018 & 21/Oct/2018
  • Destination Cities:
    Bern, Switzerland
    Basel, Switzerland
    Montreux, Switzerland
  • Ages: 18 - 35

You will receive the exact meeting time up to 3 days before the departure. We do not recommend to book train, flight or bus tickets before receiving the final departure times. There could be some smaller modifications. Check always!

Trip Details
We start gather up from all cities of departure, expecting a large amount of international students joining for this amazing trip. Time to get some rest or make new friends during bus ride to Switzerland!
Reaching Montreux in the early morning. Here you will have 1-2 hour to see lake of Geneva and breathtaking panorama view! After that we will go to Bern. Here you have 9 hours to explore the capital of Switzerland Around 18:00 - 19:00: Transferring to Basel and here you will have 2 hours Late evening: Departure from Basel to your home cities
Arrival to the cities of departure. Arrival time can be confirmed when bus journey home starts.

What's included

  • Snack package

    Vegeterian snack package from pm2am to start your day. Includes a juice drink and some sweet snacks

  • Travel information

    Free brochures and maps of Bern and Basel to help you to explore these cities.

  • Postcards

    Free postcards from Bern and Basel to send to your loved ones or to keep for yourself as a memory of a creat trip

  • Transport

    Bus transfer to and from your destination with a comfortable coach with AC, WC, Premium Seats, DVD etc. and a team member of pm2am - student trips


  • Non- EU Citizens: need a Valid Passport AND Valid Schengen Visa or a Residence Permit.

  • EU citizens need a valid Passport or the National Identification card.

  • Photocopies and photographs of above documents will not be accepted.


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