About the trip

Dear Travellers,

We're proud to announce that our one day trip to exploring the beautiful cities of Strasbourg, in France & Luxembourg City, in Luxembourg, is back! Join us for exploring all of the canals, architecture, parks and even European institutions; these two cities have everything to take you shortly away from your daily autumn life! Luxembourg is the 7th smallest country in Europe and has plenty of historic and tourist sites waiting to be discovered! But did you know that it's also the second richest country and one of the safest countries in the world? The city is full of uncommon places, tunnels and surprising sights that you can explore; What about admiring the Notre-Dame Cathedral, Adolphe Bridge, Grand Ducal Palace or the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Casemates du Bock? Strasbourg, a city between history and modernity! Thanks to its architecture, atmosphere, and gastronomy, Strasbourg is now also part of the UNESCO World Heritage! Did you know that Strasbourg's Cathedral is the second biggest one in France? Imagine how small you will feel next to its 142 meter-high tower. After climbing 330 steps, you will be able to admire a view over the city and the Vosges Mountains. Or how about exploring the picturesque area of the Petite France? It's definitely THE place for some travel photos! And don't forget the European quarter, where the European Parliament seats are; this is the modern part of the city. So, join us on this amazing trip to check these two cities off of your bucket list! WHAT WILL YOU EXPERIENCE: - Chance to explore the beautiful cities of Luxembourg City and Strasbourg! - Bus transfer to and from the destinations with a comfortable coach (with AC, WC, possibility for Premium Seats) - Free brochures and postcards, as well as handy tips from pm2am when visiting the cities - Friendly pm2am Team member assisting you throughout the trip The price does NOT include: - Your own meals/food - Any additional extras (see below) OPTIONAL EXTRAS: Prices are per person! STRASBOURG PASS 22 EUR The multiple free services and numerous discounts that this card offers let you discover all the monuments and not-to-be-missed tourist sites of Strasbourg! PREMIUM SEATS and SEATS TOGETHER (prices vary) To ensure that you get your favourite spot on the bus. If you wish to sit together with someone, BOTH people must book the premium seat! Price varies depending on selection, read more about it on our blog Bus info: Seating arrangement. Note that this optional extra will be only available when booking the trip online, not anymore in the bus. The premium seats are very limited so a prompt booking is advised! DEPARTURE CITIES & ESTIMATED DEPARTURE TIMES: Find your nearest pick-up point - but keep in mind that the times here are only estimated! You will receive the exact meeting time up to 3 days before the departure. We do not recommend to book train, flight or bus tickets before receiving the final departure times, since there can be some smaller modifications. Always check the times! - 13.03.20 | 23:45 | Amsterdam Amstel | 74.99EUR - 14.03.20 | 01:15 | Utrecht Centraal | 74.99 EUR - 14.03.20 | 04:15 | Cologne Airport | 69.99 EUR - 14.03.20 | 00:00 | Frankfurt Hbf | 79.99 EUR ** ** Transfer via Flixbus/Blablabus to Cologne on the outgoing journey. Note that there might be waiting time between arrival and departure. We are looking forward for many young internationals joining us for our long-awaited trip to Strasbourg and Luxembourg!


  • Duration: 13/Mar/2020 & 15/Mar/2020
  • Destination Cities:
    Luxembourg, Luxemburg
    Strasbourg, France
  • Ages: 18 - 35

You will receive the exact meeting time up to 3 days before the departure. We do not recommend to book train, flight or bus tickets before receiving the final departure times. There could be some smaller modifications. Check always!

Trip Details
We start to gather up from all cities of departure - We’re expecting a large number of internationals joining us for this amazing trip! Time to relax and make some new friends during the bus ride!
We will arrive first in Luxembourg-City in the early morning. We will have around 2-3 hours free time to explore this beautiful city and all it has to offer! Afterwards we'll continue our journey towards the 2nd destination, Strasbourg (the drive takes approx. 3 hours)! Later you'll have 10 hours free time to explore Strasbourg! In the late evening (approx. 23:00) we'll meet back at the bus and begin our journey to our home cities.
The end of our fun getaway tour - arrival back to home cities during morning/day. Since the arrival times depend heavily on various factors (such as, weather, traffic, border controls), we are not able to tell you the exact timing. You can always ask the teamer of the trip for an more estimated arrival time once you start your journey back home.

What's included

  • Transport

    Bus transfer to and from your destination with a comfortable coach (with AC, WC, Premium Seats, road costs and parking included)

  • Brochures

    Maps and sightseeing information for each city for free!

  • Postcards

    Free for you to keep as a memory from each city or send to a loved one.

  • pm2am Team Leader

    Friendly and helpful pm2am team leader to assist you throughout your trip


  • Non-EU Citizens: need a valid passport + valid Schengen Visa OR a valid passport + Residence Permit

  • EU citizens need a valid Passport or National Identification card (Driving license is not sufficient).

  • Photocopies and photographs of above-mentioned documents will not be accepted.

  • You will receive the exact meeting time up to 3 days before the departure. We do not recommend to book train, flight or bus tickets before receiving the final departure times. There could be some modifications.

  • Exact arrival time can only be confirmed when the bus journey home starts. Please ask your teamer or bus drivers for it.

  • As we have multiple buses for trips, we cannot guarantee that you will travel on the same bus as your friends if you do not book from the same departure city.

  • Please always check your SPAM folder to be sure you get our e-mails!


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