About the trip

Dear Travellers,

Join us for an autumn weekend on this alpine adventure to Interlaken, Mont Blanc and Geneva, as well as one of the highest mountains in Europe, Jungfrau! 

The sceneries of Geneva and Interlaken are spectacular with picturesque mountains, lakes and luxurious villas all around, so don't miss out on this opportunity to make your weekend count!


You will receive the exact meeting time up to 2 days before the departure. We do not recommend booking train, flight or bus tickets before receiving the final departure times since there can be some smaller modifications. Always check the times!

29.10.21 | 15:30 | Amsterdam Amstel | 174.99 EUR*

29.10.21 | 16:00 | Utrecht Centraal | 174.99 EUR*

29.10.21 | 19:00 | Düsseldorf ZOB | 154.99 EUR

29.10.21 | 20:00 | Cologne Airport | 154.99 EUR

29.10.21 | 23:00 | Frankfurt Hbf | 144.99 EUR

30.10.21 | 00:15 | Mannheim ZOB | 144.99 EUR

29.10.21 | 22:10 | Munich ZOB | 164.99 EUR *

30.10.21 | 02:15 | Stuttgart Airport | 144.99 EUR

Cities with ( * ) will have a connection, either with Flixbus or other similar transportation mean (DB, Blablabus, ...)


  • Duration: 29/Oct/2021 & 01/Nov/2021
  • Destination Cities:
    Interlaken, Switzerland
    Chamonix, France
    Geneva, Switzerland
  • Ages: 18 - 35

You will receive the exact meeting time up to 2 days before the departure. We do not recommend to book train, flight or bus tickets before receiving the final departure times. There could be some smaller modifications. Check always!

Trip Details
We start to gather up from all cities of departure - we expect a large number of internationals joining us for this amazing trip! Time to make new friends during the bus ride!
Arrival in Interlaken, Switzerland in the morning. Here you´ll have free time to explore the city (approx. 9 hours). For those who booked JUNGFRAUJOCH and Paragliding Experience... enjoy your activities!! City map and tips are provided in our brochure. Feel free to take a look at them and make the most of your time in Interlaken. Gather up in the evening and enjoy the bus ride to our trusted budget hotel! Check-in at the hotel.
(German Bank Holiday!) Check out from the hotel. We hope you´re ready for Chamonix! Free time (apporx. 3hrs) in beautiful Chamonix village where you can enjoy hiking, good food and beautiful views of Mont Blanc. City map and useful tips are provided in our brochure to help you around. Later on, meet up with the group and depart to Geneva, Switzerland. Approx 9hrs of Free time! In the late evening, meet your fellow travelers and start your journey back home.
Arrival back to your home cities during the day. Remember that the exact arrival time can only be predicted, it is never confirmed. Stay attentive to the teamer´s announcements at all times!

What's included

  • Transportation

    Transportation to all destinations (comfortable coach with AC, optional Premium seats and road/parking/other costs cover)

  • A view of Interlaken, Chamonix & Geneva

    Free time to explore Interlaken and Chamonix and Geneva

  • Friendly Team member

    Friendly pm2am Team Leader assisting you throughout the journey

  • Brochures

    Brochures with maps to help you around the cities!

  • Postcards

    Postcards from the destinations we will be visiting.

  • Compulsory Travel Costs

    Bed linen, towels City Tax & Hotel Tax

  • Accommodation

    1-night accommodation in our trusted three stars hotel near Geneva (3 beds per room. Private twin rooms can be purchased as extra)

  • Amazing optional extras

    The chance to participate in a wide variety of our exciting optional outdoor excursions: Jungfraujoch, Aguille du Midi cable car, & paragliding!


  • A mandatory negative test certificate result is required. This test certificate needs to be done a maximum of 12h before departure. We accept Rapid Antigen tests & PCR tests.

  • When traveling to a non-German speaking country, the certificate must be in English.

  • f you can show proof of a completed vaccination and your vaccination waiting period is completed you will not need a negative COVID-19 test.

  • FOR NON-VACCINATED TRAVELLERS RETURNING TO GERMANY: Upon return to the bus, on the last day of the trip, you will need to present a negative Rapid Antigen Covid-19 test 24h before entering the bus (New German Law)

  • Read the COVID-19 precautions and restrictions on our FAQs

  • EU Citizens: Need a valid Passport or National Identification card (driving license is not sufficient!)

  • Non-EU Citizens: Need a valid passport + valid Schengen visa / a valid passport + residence permit

  • Photocopies and photographs of the above documents WILL NOT be accepted!

  • You will receive the exact meeting time up to 2 days before the departure. We do not recommend booking any connection tickets before receiving the final departure times as there can be some modifications

  • Please always check your SPAM folder to be sure you get our emails!

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