About the trip

Dear Travellers,

Our first stop is in Pilsen! The city is located in the western part of the Czech Republic. Known for "Pilsner Urquell Brewery", a must try for beer lovers. Explore brewing cellars, bottling plants, the old center with its 19th-century Great Synagogue or even St. Bartholomew´s Cathedral????

Later on the second day, we will arrive at our main attraction. Prague, the beautiful Czech capital where the Vltava River resides, which is one of our stops! In fact, we will stay overnight there which will give you enough time to fall in love with this charming city.

See how Prague changes during the winter time and enjoy a real Christmas wonder! ??

Don´t miss the opportunity to experience one of the most famous Christmas markets in Europe. ??

Nicknamed by the locals as "the golden City of a 100 Spires" because of the numerous cathedrals and their pointed spires. Prague is also known for its Old Town Square, baroque buildings, Prague Castle complex dating back to the 9th century, Charles Bridge, and its famous medieval Astronomical Clock, which gives an animated hourly show. So many things to see you guarantee you will not be bored!?

To wrap up this adventure, we will explore: Karlovy Vary! Its numerous thermal springs have made it one of the best spa destinations in Europe. The riverside spa district, modern Hot Spring Colonnade houses, Pramen Vrídlo geyser are some of the must-see places here??


You will receive the exact meeting time up to 2 days before the departure. We do not recommend to book train, flight or bus tickets before receiving the final departure times since there can be some modifications. Always check the times!


10.12.21 | 15:00 | Amsterdam Amstel | 119.99 EUR*

10.| 12.21 | 17:00 | Brussels Airport | 119.99 EUR*

10.12.21 | 19:30 | Cologne - Airport | 99.99 EUR

10.12.21 | 18:30 | Düsseldorf ZOB | 99.99 EUR

10.12.21 | 22:00 | Frankfurt - ZOB | 99.99 EUR

10.12.21 | 23:30 | Mannheim ZOB | 99.99 EUR

11.12.21 | 03:00 | Munich ZOB | 99.99 EUR*

11.12.21 | 05:00 | Nuremberg ZOB | 99.99 EUR

11.12.21 | 01:30 | Stuttgart - Airport ZOB| 109.99 EUR

10.12.21 | 18:00 | Utrecht - Westplein | 119.99 EUR*

Cities with ( * ) will have a connection, either with Flixbus or other similar transportation means (DB, Blablabus, ...)


  • Duration: 10/Dec/2021 & 13/Dec/2021
  • Destination Cities:
    Prague, Czech Republic
    Pilsen, Czech Republic
    Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
  • Ages: 18 - 35

You will receive the exact meeting time up to 2 days before the departure. We do not recommend to book train, flight or bus tickets before receiving the final departure times. There could be some smaller modifications. Check always!

Trip Details
We start to gather up from all cities of departure - Time to get some rest or make new friends during the bus ride!
Approximate arrival time to Pilsen is 9am. Here you will have some time to check around the beautiful western city of Pilsen (2-3hrs). At lunch time, we will then hop back onto the bus and drive to the Christmas paradise Prague! You will then have some FREE time to explore the golden city before checking into your hotel for the night.
Enjoy your breakfast before heading off to town as you have FREE time until the afternoon. Then get back onto the bus to the next stop: Karlklovy Vary! Here you will have 2-3hrs to explore around. Later, you will meet back with your group and drive home.
Arriving back home. Times can only be predicted once the bus has started its journey back home!

What's included

  • Transportation

    A high class bus transfer (minimum 3 stars) to and from your destination with a comfortable coach with AC, WC, Premium Seats

  • Free time

    Free time to enjoy the three wonderful destinations Pilsen, Prague and Karlovy Vary!

  • Accommodation

    1-night at our trusted accommodation in Prague

  • Breakfast

    Breakfast is provided from the accommodation

  • Brochures

    Brochure with a map to help you around the city

  • Postcards

    Postcard from the destinations we will be visiting.

  • Friendly pm2am Team member

    Friendly pm2am Team member, full of tips and good humor, as well as always willing to help you take the best pictures


  • Only fully vaccinated travelers are allowed to join the trip!

  • Read the COVID-19 precautions and restrictions on our FAQs

  • EU Citizens: Need a valid Passport or National Identification card (driving license is not sufficient!)

  • Non-EU Citizens: Need a valid passport + valid Schengen visa / a valid passport + residence permit

  • Photocopies and photographs of the above documents WILL NOT be accepted!

  • You will receive the exact meeting time up to 2 days before the departure. We do not recommend booking any connection tickets before receiving the final departure times as there can be some modifications.

  • Please always check your SPAM folder to be sure you get our e-mails!


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