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Dear Travellers,

Dear Travellers, Spring atmosphere makes you desire to travel a lot? So, why not join us for our best-selling one-day extravaganza to Switzerland, back by popular demand, and enjoy this beautiful country in all its glory!? ???? From waterfalls & mountains to lakes and cities - this trip has a bit of everything and gives you a great introduction to this fantastic country.?? In the morning we will visit Europe's biggest waterfall, the Rhine Falls! This is a sight that truly takes your breath away! Time to snap some photos!?? After the Falls we'll continue towards the lovely old town of Lucerne, where you can explore the beautiful old architecture, check out the famous Lion Monument or walk along some of the many bridges! Our last stop will be the city of Zurich! ?? There you can find plenty of fun things to do! Like? hike Zurich's mountain Uetliberg or relax and enjoy a picnic on the shore of Lake Zurich?? DEPARTURE CITIES & ESTIMATED DEPARTURE TIMES: You will receive the exact meeting time up to 2 days before the departure. We do not recommend booking train, flight, or bus tickets before receiving the final departure times since there can be some smaller modifications. Always check the times! - 14.04.23 | 17:45 | Brussels North | 130EUR 109.99 EUR * - 14.04.23 | 18:45 | Amsterdam Amstel | 130EUR 109.99 EUR* - 14.04.23 | 19:30 | Utrecht Centraal | 130EUR 109.99 EUR* - 14.04.23 | 19:30 | Eindhovin | 130EUR 109.99 EUR* - 14.04.23 | 22:00 | Dusseldorf ZOB | 90EUR 74.99 EUR - 14.04.23 | 22:50 | Cologne Airport | 90EUR 74.99 EUR - 15.04.23 | 02:00 | Frankfurt Hbf | 80EUR 64.99 EUR - 15.04.23 | 03:15 | Mannheim ZOB | 80EUR 64.99 EUR - 15.04.23 | 05:15 | Stuttgart Vaihingen | 80EUR 64.99 EUR Cities with ( * ) will have a connection, either with Flixbus or other similar transportation mean (DB, Blablabus, ...) We will be leaving from many cities and are expecting a large number of international people to join us on this amazing adventure! You don't want to miss out!


  • Duration: 14/Apr/2023 & 16/Apr/2023
  • Destination Cities:
    Rhine falls, Switzerland
    Lucerne, Switzerland
    Zurich, Switzerland
  • Ages: 18 - 39

You will receive the exact meeting time up to 3 days before the departure. We do not recommend to book train, flight or bus tickets before receiving the final departure times. There could be some smaller modifications. Check always!

Trip Details
We start gathering up from all cities of departure. We’re expecting a large number of international people to join us for this trip! Time to get some rest or make new friends during the bus ride! (Check out the departure cities, times & prices above )
- Arrival at the RHINE FALLS, Europe's largest waterfall, in the morning. Here you have the opportunity to admire the stunning 23-meter drop of the river Rhine's waters. - Around 10:00: We will reach the pretty little city of LUCERNE, with its beautiful spots, deep blue sea, and a breathtaking view of the Alps. There you will have the possibility to take a walk through the ancient monuments of the Old Town and enjoy the surrounding nature and stunning view - Around 13:00: We will head out to the most populous city in Switzerland: ZURICH! Nothing epitomizes luxury as this city does! We recommend an invigorating hike up to the top of the Uetliberg mountain and then a pleasant afternoon strolling along the gleaming Limmat river, which is flanked by the city's most famous pieces of architecture. And definitely check out the spectacular atmosphere the markets offer! You can also purchase the optional extra, the Zurich Card, online or directly from the teamer of the trip (28 EUR). With this card, you'll be able to enjoy Zurich in a way like never before and make the most out of your day! - Around 23:00: Departure from Zurich back towards our home cities...
- The end of our fun getaway tour - arrival back to home cities. - Since the arrival times depend heavily on various factors (such as weather, traffic, border controls), we are not able to tell you the exact timing. - You can always ask the teamer of the trip for a more estimated arrival time once you start your journey back home.

What's included

  • Stop at Rhinefalls

    A view of one of the world's best-loved waterfalls at the Rhine Falls!

  • Free time

    Free time to explore the beautiful cities of Lucerne and Zurich!

  • Transportation

    Bus transfer to and from your destination with a comfortable coach (with AC, the option to Premium Seats, reclining chairs, minimum 3 stars)

  • Free brochures

    Brochures with maps to help you around the cities

  • Free postcards

    Postcards from the destinations we will be visiting

  • Friendly Team leader

    Friendly PM2AM Team leader assisting you throughout the journey


  • Covid restrictions were lifted in Switzerland, so there are no entry requirements!

  • If the trip was cancelled by Pm2am, you will get a full refund.

  • EU Citizens: Need a valid Passport or National Identification card (driving license is not sufficient!)

  • Non-EU Citizens: Need a valid passport + valid Schengen visa / a valid passport + residence permit

  • A residence permit alone is NOT valid for travel

  • Photocopies and photographs of the above documents WILL NOT be accepted!

  • CHECK always your SPAM folder to be sure you get our E-MAILS.

  • You will receive the exact meeting time up to 2 days before the departure. We do not recommend booking any connection train, flight, or bus tickets before receiving the final departure times. There can be some modifications.

  • The exact arrival time can only be confirmed when the bus journey towards home starts. Please ask your teamer for the times.


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