Afuape, Intern, Nigeria

" I got to know about pm2am from one of my friends who went for a trip and recommended it to me. Then, my girlfriend and I decided to join. I have chosen Switzerland because when I travel I try to discover the places I have never been before. The trip was really awesome, we managed to visit 3 cities in one day, it’s a great adventure. We will definitely come back and explore new destinations with pm2am. "

Mashhood, Student, Pakistan

" After our exams, my friends and I decided that it was the best possibility to join pm2am, get to know other people and have fun. We’ve only seen Switzerland on the pictures. Starting from the Rhine Falls, through Lucerne up to Zurich, what we thought as a fantasy, it all came true. We really enjoyed hiking in the mountain and meeting new people, it was fun! I will definitely join more trips and I’m looking forward for the next trips to come! "

Abbas, Student, Dubai

" My friends and I enjoyed the trip. The bus ride was really comfortable, we departed and arrived on time. The choice of cities was really good, we had plenty of time to explore each of them. Due to international atmosphere we were able to meet many new people and make new friends. Last but not least, our guide was really friendly and helpful. I will join pm2am for future trips for sure! "

Luis David, Student, Mexico

" I decided to join pm2am, because I wanted to visit Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava, and the trip was perfect to make the most of the German Unity break. I enjoyed the trip a lot! I didn't even know where to look! Also the drop off spots are perfect! Walking distance to the highlights of each city! "

Ann-Kathrin, Student, Germany

" I always wanted to see Budapest (love it!) and Bratislava, it was a perfect trip for a long weekend. I really enjoyed it, especially Budapest was a very very fascinating city to explore and to go out at night! I had a nice company, a very good tour guide and traveling was also really nice. "

Stian, Student, Norway

" I decided to go on the trip because I have not been in any of the cities in the trip, as well as because I had never done a group trip such as the ones offered by pm2am. I enjoyed it very much, especially seeing Vienna was really fun as it is such a beautiful city. Budapest was also fun with the boat trip being the highlight as we could see some of the important buildings in a very nice lighting from the river. By the time we went to Bratislava I was quite tired, so there we mostly relaxed at a bar after doing a bit of sightseeing after the guided tour. The bus trip back and forth went smoothly, and was as comfortable as can be expected of bus full of people. "

Vivian, Au Pair, Zimbabwe

" It was the best experience l have ever had! I met a lot of awesome people. The teamer was a very nice, kind and loving person. Not forgetting the comfortable bus and good drivers. Mont Saint Michel was amazing. I don’t regret that my feet were sore after the whole day, because it was too beautiful. I even got to try the French omelet which was very yummy. The hotel was very nice as well. The next day we went to Versailles. l loved the gardens! Then we arrived in Paris. Oh my Goooood, it was everything! I took thousand pictures because l just couldn’t resist taking them. Thank you Pm2am, I’m definitely going to join your next trips! "

Natália, Student, Brazil

" I joined pm2am, because I’ve always wanted to go to Italy. My tandem partner told me about the company and assured about your safety and value. Even though I went on my own, I enjoyed the trip, because I met some really nice people and got to know about their culture and traditions. It was amazing to explore the cities with them! "

Nikolaj, Student, Kazachstan

" I live in Europe which is a great continent. I chose to travel with pm2am, because travelling gets you knowledge and knowledge is power. I mostly enjoyed meeting new people, making friends, learning about new cultures and food. "

Khaled, Young Professional, Egypt

" I decided to join pm2am since the price was very attractive. I enjoyed the trip because of many reasons. The way of booking was easy, the timing was perfect and there were no delays. We had a professional tour guide, wh suggested us the places to see and the group age was within the same range, so I got to know awesome people from different countries. "

Maria Fernanda, Au Pair, Brazil

" I got to know pm2am from my friends who are also Au Pairs. They presented me Pm2am and I already did 3 trips with you, in 3 months. I decided to join the trip, because I did read the program and I liked everything about the price and the schedule, as well as I need, because I just have the weekends to join trips. I was astonished when I saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time, because it’s a symbol of the Europe, and was the moment that I realized that I’m really in Europe, and I’m so grateful about being here and living these moments. "

Sharyl , Student, Aruba

" I decided to join the trip because Switzerland was one of the places I really wanted to visit before I finish my studies in the Netherlands. Thanks to pm2am student trips I could’ve to afford this trip. It’s also a trip for students, so I knew I would make friends. My favourite moment was Mount Titlis. It was the second time that I’ve seen snow. This experience was really awesome, especially going up with the cable car and seeing the amazing view. "

Shantanu, Young Professional, India

" Pm2am is the perfect opportunity to meet new people from different countries and visit beautiful places together. The trip planning done by pm2am is great. They give a lot of free time for exploring and also guide us through the city. The Teamers are great, friendly and fun to hang out with. Also, no other tours give postcard, city maps and breakfast packages. My favourite moment was when I experienced the first snowfall of my life. Thanks to pm2am, I was able to enjoy it to my fullest. I enjoyed the ice and even holding it with my hand for the first time was a great experience for me. Special thanks to Weronika who was there with us and made our trip even better. One of the best trips I ever had. "

Hanah, Student, USA

" I decided to join the trip because I had always wanted to go to the Swiss Alps, but I never thought I could because it can be really expensive. When I saw that we could experience 2 whole days in Switzerland at such a great price, I decided to go for it. I really think it was a great decision. My favorite moment was definitely travelling to the top of Mount Titlis and experiencing a snowy winter Wonderland at an altitude of 10,000 feet. I have never in my life seen something so beautiful. It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will never forget! "

Naomi, Au Pair, South Africa

" Italy is a bucket list country for most people but for it was a dream destination. When I saw that Pm2am where offering this trip with the cities that I most wanted to see and I thought I would be crazy to pass by this opportunity to make a dream a reality. Italy is so rich in culture and extremely beautiful landscape (and people lol). It has a great variety of arts and food to divulge in. These are just some of the reasons I chose to travel to Italia. My favourite moment is definitely a tie between when we stepped onto the island Torcello (as this was one of the main reasons I chose this trip) and when I tasted real Italian gelato in Florence (I mean talk about the absolute BEST ice cream you EVER had in your life!) "

David, Young Professional, Malta

" I chose pm2m, because I have never travelled solo before, and it seemed like a great opportunity to do so, while at the same time, you are guaranteed to meet new people and build interesting friendships. After every city visited, everybody shared the vibe in the bus with chanting, it felt great and charged you up for the next one! "

Masab, Student, Germany

" I actually have never planned to join the trip. It was my friend who told me that I should come to the trip and I planned everything at the eleventh hour. It was my luck to get the ticket on the last day. And I am so glad that I came to that trip. It was the best. Italy has always been one of my favourite countries. I made pretty good friends and memories there. Travelling with them was one of my favourite moments. "

Melissa, Young Professional, Belgium

" I am finishing my bucket list all the capital cities of Europe and I haven't been to Vaduz that is why I joined the trip. My favourite moment is when we went up Hefkelaar. There I could see the world and it is amazing. "

Lerissa, Au Pair, South Africa

" I first found out about pm2am on Facebook, I was a bit nervous to go solo for the Baltic Sea Cruise, but I ended up making many friends and it was such a great experience that I took 3 more trips. Every time I go on a trip, I meet amazing people and see the most unbelievable places at the most reasonable prices. People are always surprised at how much of Europe I have seen in such a short time as Pm2am covers so much of Europe. The greatest memories are because of the people I met on my Italy trip. I made friends with Anh, Eric and Gerry who I still keep in contact with. I got to see Eric in Brussels, i spent Christmas with Anh in Germany and this weekend I am going with Gerry to Barcelona. "

Alexander, Student, Germany

" I joined the trip, because of the price, young people and students. In this case, we share the same interests. I liked the most the hiking tour with our guide Weronika in Croatia. "

Johanna, Student, Germany

" I joined the trip, because for me the destinations Stockholm, Helsinki, Turku and Lapland sounded like an exciting one-week trip. That is also a bit unusual for the normal student trips. Then the low price together with an international group of young people were cherries on the top! My favorite moment was for sure the Husky ride. Also, the party on the cruise and a visit Stockholm, what was the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen were amazing parts of the itinerary. "

Peter, Student, Belgium

" I joined the Lapland trip because I wanted a to take a rest during the vacation and meet new people, both of which I did. For me the best moment was our free time in Helsinki, because I met a local friend there and she was so nice to give me and some fellow travelers a tour. "

Laurent, Exchange Student, France

" I joined the trip first because it is convenient to have the trip being already planned. I could probably have visited such country but not doing a cruise, or snow mobile for instance. Second reason is that travelling with a group is much more fun than travelling on your own. I remember one particular moment: waking up in the bus after we finally reached Sweden. The pine tree all around covered with snow, that was amazing! I also really appreciated the time at the hotel in Rovaniemi, it was very comfy and cosy, we could properly rest and spend some time together. Thanks for your investment, I know it has been a huge work! "

Nina, Student, Germany

" I joined the trip, because I have always wanted to go up north and it seemed not to be too expensive. I truly enjoyed the husky ride! "

Vanessa, Student, Germany

" I decided to join the trip because I wanted to experience a whole new holiday adventure far from the ordinary. Travelling through so many of the Northern European cities at once seemed like a great opportunity for me to do so. My favourite moment was waking up on the ferry to Helsinki to the most amazing sunrise I've ever seen over the frozen sea. Another unforgettable memory was the reindeer ride through the snowy forest, which made me feel like a part of a fairytale. "

Sofia, Student, Italy

" I decided to join this trip because it sounded like something magical and adventurous. These places need to be seen at least one in a life! There were a lot of beautiful moments but the greatest was the reindeer ride. "

Abhishek, Young Professional, India

" I decided to join the trip because this was the best and option for Lapland trip. The lovely huskies were the best! "

Aline, PhD Student, Brasil

" I embarked on the Lapland Adventure because I wanted to see the Nothern Lights and the easiest and cheapest way I found was joining the trip. The trip was really amazing! My favourite moment was the Husky Ride and meeting the Real Santa Claus. The cruises were also a very nice experience. "