Travel Advisor


Please remember to bring your booking confirmation in a print or digital form. Please be informed you are required to carry below mentioned valid travel documents with you. To avoid any inconvenience to the group, these documents will be checked by pm2am staff before boarding the bus. Travelers failing to meet this requirement will not be allowed to board the bus and their ticket will stand forfeited. - EU Nationals: VALID PASSPORT or ID CARD (*For destinations outside Schengen area PASSPORT IS MANDATORY). - Other Nationalities: VALID PASSPORT and RESIDENCE/ STAY PERMITS/VISA (Some nationalities are exempted from requiring of visa in Schengen region) For trips that required the check in at the HOSTEL (NOT APPLICABLE FOR DAY TRIPS). Your team leader might ask you for 10 € as a refundable deposit for the key of your hostel room. Please make sure you have the correct amount with you !!


Below friendly recommendations that can help you before packing !! * 1 piece hand baggage (max: 40cm*30cm*10cm, max: 5kg) * Cash (money) * Travel documents * Camera * Mobile phone with a portable extra battery or battery charger * Sleeping blanket and pillow (for the bus journey) * Snacks and drinks * Rain jacket, umbrella or sunglasses * Tooth brush and other basic hygiene necessities. * 1 piece check-in baggage (max: 55cm*40cm*20cm, max: 15kg) (not accessible at all times of the journey) * Extra clothes, footwear, among all other belongings. Please note that you will travel with the same bus on the return trip. You are allowed to leave your belongings in the bus. However, we will not take responsibility for lost items. More importantly you will have no access to the bus till the time we board the bus again In case you are not able to join us on this trip (illness, other appointments, and so on) please let us know as soon as possible. Another person might have the chance to join us spontaneously. We are looking forward to meet you in person !!

For any further queries please Contact Us for your privilege question.