Keukenhof, a day amongst the flowers. Also known as the Garden of Europe, this flower Garden is one of the biggest in the world! Millions of tulips of all kinds grow here each year turning Keukenhof into a very colorful park where you can even learn about this Dutch typical flower while spending a cozy and relaxed day. I would not have imagined how much this beautiful garden was going to affect my mood. The soft light seeping through the branches of the trees illuminated the flower beds that laid the tree trunks feet. You could just forget about everything and allow the sound of the running water to be the only thing in your head during your promenade. We even were lucky with the weather, which was as warm as only the first Spring days are. You could notice the coming season all around: Blooming tulips (7 million bulbs actually) of literally every shape and color arranged in different combinations made of the light environment the sweetest and most lovely Spring start Iīve ever had. I guess after one day there, I couldnīt avoid the Tulip Mania to catch me too! Give it a chance and discover for yourself what is that this amazing Garden has to turn everyone crazy about it ? Lucia Pm2am Team Leader