No clue on what to do during winter? Are you tired of being stuck indoors just waiting for summer to come back? Then let me tell you something: winter can be as awesome as any other season of the year! You just need to know how to get the best out of it! How many times, in your childhood, have you waited for Santa Claus to come during Christmas? Have you had the chance to meet him yet? If the answer is no, then now it is time for your dream to come true! Experience a once in a lifetime adventure, by crossing the Arctic Circle while exploring the Santa Claus village, and take the opportunity to greet him in person. And most importantly: in your own language! Do not believe us? Try it yourself and get ready for great surprises! Several souvenirs are available in Santas village, but the most memorable one is without a doubt the magnificent photography that you must take with him, either alone or accompanied by your best friends! Have you ever heard of the Huskies? Yes, those super-active dogs who will bring you far through the snowy landscape! Enjoy the breathtaking views in the wilderness while enjoying an unforgettable Husky Ride in a sleigh for two. Be amazed by the level of teamwork and understanding between people and the Huskies! Have you ever wondered how people get around having so much snow up north, or better, can you imagine speed and adventure on the snow? Then you cannot miss an adventurous snowmobile drive through forests and plains! A snowmobile is a vehicle resembling a motorbike, but designed to take you through the wilderness, regardless of how drastic the roads and the weather might be! If you are more of a relaxed person, then nothing but a comfortable reindeer ride to calm you down! Just seat, relax and enjoy this ride taking you through an endless amount of trees and snowy banks under the warm fur of a reindeer. This has been the traditional way of travelling in Lapland for centuries, but let us leave that for the locals to tell you more about, while enjoying a hot beverage and biscuits after the ride. Last but definitely not least, Lapland is the perfect place on earth to spot the Aurora Borealis! Just imagine observing that natural firework on a dark night with your own eyes. The perfect conditions to observe the northern lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, are found in the very cold, dry and snowy Lapland. Of course, if it is cludy we might not be able to observe this phenomenon, however, we prefer to stay optimistic! :) Now that you already have an idea on why people are so obsessed about going all the way the north, it?s time for you to experience it yourself and get ready to share some unforgettable memories and unbelievable pictures with your friends and family. We, from pm2am, offer you the chance to have this incredible adventure, accompanied by our friendly teamer, a comfortable accommodation, and plenty of extra activities!