Are your teeth chattering by the thought of facing the Scandinavian winds of Lapland? Worry no more as we, at pm2am, more specifically our Finnish colleagues (experts in dealing with the harsh weather of Finland), are here to help you prepare for your journey to the Christmas wonderland ;) The starter pack includes five vital items, as simple and logical they might seem, many people tend to make the wrong choice once they get to the store and look for the appropriate equipment. ITEM N1: SHOES If you were thinking about being crazy enough to take your snickers or crocks to Lapland, forget about it! You need some solid shoes for this trip. The minimum requirement would be for them to be waterproof. High-ankle boots are always a good choice, however, skiing shoes would be the best as they will keep your feet not only dry but also warm. Nonetheless, although being on the more expensive side, these shoes are of high quality and will serve you many cold winters to come (or resell them later on eBay). ITEM N2: HAT Lapland is the place to bring the hat your grandma knitted for you. Any other warm winter hat will do the job as well, although not as fashionable. You should make sure that your ears will be kept warm as this will lower the likelihood of you getting a cold, which would be far from ideal during your Lapland trip. ITEM N3: SCARF & GLOVES If your grandmother got carried away and knitted also a scarf and gloves for you, however insulted she might feel, we wouldn?t recommend taking those for the trip as they are not waterproof. Meaning that they will not do such a good job protecting you from the snow. Once again, skiing equipment would be the best choice as these scarfs and gloves are specifically designed to protect you from such weather conditions. ITEM N4: THERMAL UNDERCLOTHING You do not have to buy special clothes for the trip. Just grab your regular clothes and layer them, which is sufficient enough for keeping yourself warm. If you want to take things to the next level, however, get thermal clothing. One can never go wrong with that. Getting the basic thermal leggings and long-sleeved undershirt will be enough. ITEM N5: JACKET We are not talking about any jacket. You will need a water- and windproof jacket, which will protect you from the freezing wind and wet snow. Best choice would be a skiing jacket. Although they might cost a little more than the generic jackets, we assure you that it will serve you not only for this trip, but also for many winters ahead! (Again? You can resell these items on eBay later) We know that our customers are on a budget, therefore we created this list with the most basic survival kit you would need in order to have a great time during your Lapland trip, eliminating the discomfort of wet cold clothes. If you are to remember one word from this article, it should be WATERPROOF. If the snow cannot get to you, it will not harm you! Let us know if we missed something ;) Follow us on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.fr/pm2am_studenttrips/