Exploring a new destination is always different for a teamer compared to customers. Maybe it is the fact that we are still at work even during the free time to explore. Or maybe it is the anxiousness of having everything to go according to plan. Who knows? This is, therefore, the story of how I, as a teamer, experienced Hallstatt & Salzburg this November. So every time a teamer goes to a new city, a city-experienced teamer accompanies them. Just so the knowledge can be passed on. This time, Sasha was with me (good company takes all fears away... pm2am tip!). Anyway, back to the topic. My first impression of the trip and its destinations was while we were on our way to Hallstatt. In the morning light, I got to see marvelous mountains reveal their glory. It was truly the best morning view I could wish for. Hallstatt itself was even more gorgeous! The lake, the surrounding mountains, the cute little bakery in which I had an amazing chai latte and a donut filled with some type of marmalade: by the way, that is the best way to warm yourself up before joining the Skywalk. The Skywalk was undoubtedly something I was looking for. It was surprisingly warm on the top of the Skywalk. A lot warmer than around the lake. One could easily spend at least an hour in the sun, enjoying the best view! Unfortunately, I did not have that much time, of course... Hey! I am working. I had to ensure that the customers would all be able to join the Skywalk first and that nobody was left behind. Collecting tickets and helping them with what I could. Nevertheless, I was still happy to spare some time for it too: totally worth it! Even now when I close my eyes I can clearly imagine the view. I was a little sad, but at the same time, excited to leave for Salzburg. The weather was on our side: it was amazingly sunny! I definitely could not wait to explore Salzburg in this wonderful weather. After I took care of some work related dealings, together with Sasha, we looked for a nice place to eat lunch. I was craving schnitzel, so I really wanted to find a place where we could eat schnitzel at a good price. We are after all also on a budget. We saw this Italian restaurant, which had a schnitzel menu for 13 euros and we went right away inside. We also ordered coffee and typical Austrian apple strudel, which were super delicious as well. In the end, we had the best Austrian food in an Italian restaurant. How weird is that?! After our lunch, we decided it was time to explore the old city and buy some souvenirs and gifts before the stores close, which is around 6pm in Salzburg. I felt pressured by time and could barely find something nice to get for my bus driver (who I may or may not have a huge crush on). Fortunately, I found this cute little bear, which I thought is the perfect gift! Apart from the tons of cute plush toys, Salzburg has a great selection of fluffy winter socks, which I fell in love with! The fluffiest socks I have ever seen!! You should definitely get a pair when you visit Salzburg. After the shopping session, we saw the ice skating rink and the cute wooden punch stand, which we had to try. Both me and Sasha are ex-alcoholics, so we took the alcohol-free punch and it was great! Definitely a great way to warm yourself up after sunset when temperatures go down and the warmth from the sunny day can no longer be felt. We still had a walk along the river, where I showed my pole dancing skills using a lamp on the side of the road as a pole. That was a good show for the locals! The last couple of hours, after being tired and cold, we decided that our last destination should be McDonalds. Here, we enjoyed cups of hot coffee and a game of Ludo with two awesome customers. I lost? I don?t like losing. Anyways, I would definitely recommend you not to follow our example and find some local bar, so you experience the night scene of the city. This was basically the end of my day. I was happy to get on the bus and see my lovely bus driver again and head back home. This was definitely a great trip for me. If I ever have the chance, I will for sure go back to Hallstatt and Salzburg because I feel there are more things to see and do there. Hopefully, my customers enjoyed this adventure as much as I did! Anastasia Zlatkova (aka Annie)