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Dear Travellers,

Let's visit the Italian Alps this summer! 
Come with us and discover Reschensee the beautiful lake in the South Tyrol region, and then to Merano the charming SPA town known for its thermal baths and stunning gardens.
Our third destination for this trip will be Prager the beautiful lake situated in the Dolomites, offering breathtaking views and plenty of hiking opportunities!
Last but not least we will head off to Bolzano the vibrant city with a rich history, delicious food, and excellent wine. Don't miss the chance to explore its medieval center and visit the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology. The Dolomites are a UNESCO World Heritage site and a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a range of activities from skiing to mountain biking. 

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23.05.24 | 10:30 | Brussels*
23.05.24 | 10:00 | Amsterdam*
23.05.24 | 11:00 | Utrecht*
23.05.24 | 09:00 | Eindhoven*
23.05.24 | 14:00 | Dusseldorf ZOB*
23.05.24 | 15:00 | Cologne Airport*
23.05.24 | 20:30 | Frankfurt Hbf 
23.05.24 | 22:00 | Mannheim ZOB 
23.05.24 | 23:55 | Stuttgart 
24.05.24 | 03:30 | Munchen ZOB


*Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Utrecht, Brussels, Düsseldorf and Köln will have a connection either with Flixbus or another similar transportation means (DB, Blablabus, ...)
Note that the times are only estimated and will be confirmed via email 2 days before the departure!
We do not recommend booking train, flight, or bus tickets before receiving the final departure times since there can be some smaller modifications. Always check the times!

Duration : 23/May/2024 - 27/May/2024
Age: 18-39
Destinations : Reschensee, Merano, Maranza, Pragser wildsee, Bruneck, Brixen, Carezza, Bolzano - North Italy

Day 1: THRUSDAY 23.05.24 - Departure

We start to gather up from all cities of departure. Time to make new friends during the bus ride!

Day 2: FRIDAY 24.05.24 - Reschensee, Merano & Maranza

Arrival in Rechensee in the morning for a 1-hour photo break to admire the beauty of this amazing lake. Around 11:00 arrive at Merano, where you will have your free time to explore the city (approx. 3 hours), where you can visit the magnificent Trauttmansdorff Castle and enjoy the views there - and don’t forget to catch the stunning views! We will stay here until midday when we will transfer to Maranza. Early in the evening, we will check in to our trusted accommodation in Maranza after driving from Merano! you will have free time to roam around Maranza. Enjoy exploring this lovely town and all of the nature it has to offer, do not forget to try the traditional food here!

Day 3: SATURDAY 25.05.24 - Pragser wildsee, Bruneck & Brixen

Get your Breakfast in the accommodation and we will have 3 hours approximately to explore Pragser Wildsee. Enjoy the photo breaks at beautiful lakes and viewpoints and then we will transfer to Bruneck we will stay there for 3 hours approximately.Later, we will meet up and depart to Brixen, where you will have around 2-3 hours of free time. We will gather up in the evening for a bus ride to our trusted hotel!

Day 4: SUNDAY 26.05.24 - Carezza & Bolzano

Get your Breakfast in the accommodation and check out from the accommodation, which is included by pm2am and get ready to go to Carezza, a charming alpine lake and get the chance to enjoy its wonderful colors and its view of the Latemar mountain range, where we will spend approximately 3 hours break, which you can use for a hike or simply to enjoy the beautiful views. We will then depart to Bolzano, where you will have the opportunity to spend the afternoon exploring the city, visiting the medieval centre, checking out the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology, and tasting some of the famous local wines. We will meet up again in the late evening to start our journey back home.

Day 5: MONDAY 27.05.24 - Home Sweet Home

Arrival back to your home cities during the day (The exact arrival time can only be predicted, but it is never confirmed). Please be attentive to the teamer's announcements at all times!


Transportation to all destinations (comfortable semi-reclining coach with AC, WC, optional Premium seats and road/parking/other costs covered)

Free time
Free time to explore the Dolomites, South Tyrol, and all their wonders.

2x Breakfast buffet in our accommodation

Pm2am Team Leader
Friendly Pm2am Team Leader assisting you throughout the journey.

2 nights at our trusted accommodation in Maranza (multibed rooms).

Digital Brochures with maps
Digital brochures with maps to help you around the cities!

Free Postcards
Free Postcards for all the cities visited

Optional Extras

Too much stuff to fit in a small suitcase? Upgrade your luggage size here and bring a larger suitcase with you!

Do you want some privacy with your companion? Add this option to your booking.

Note: All prices are per person


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