Our trips offer long lasting memories


Winter adventure to French & Swiss Alps

15/Mar/2024 - 18/Mar/2024

Dear Travellers, Let's visit Switzerland and France during wonderful…

Visit Italy: Rome, Venice, Florence, Pisa & Milan!

27/Mar/2024 - 01/Apr/2024

Dear Travellers, Come with us to enjoy the country of food, art,…

Three Capitals; Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava!

28/Mar/2024 - 01/Apr/2024

Dear Travellers, Embark on an unforgettable journey through three of…

Scandinavian Journey to Gothenburg, Oslo, Copenhagen, Malmö and Mons Klint

28/Mar/2024 - 01/Apr/2024

Dear Travelers, We are thrilled to announce our trip to…

Three Capital Cruise; Stockholm, Helsinki & Tallinn

28/Mar/2024 - 02/Apr/2024

Dear Travelers, This is a wonderful opportunity to visit three…

Magical Adventure in Salzburg & Hallstatt

05/Apr/2024 - 07/Apr/2024

Dear Travellers, Join us for our one-day adventure to Austria and…

Alpine Adventure to Interlaken, Mont-Blanc & Geneva!

12/Apr/2024 - 15/Apr/2024

Dear Travellers, Join us on an incredible winter adventure in…

Keukenhof Gardens and Flower Parade with PM2AM: Day Trip

19/Apr/2024 - 21/Apr/2024

Dear Travellers, Have you noticed, a few days of sunshine, a promise…

King's Day Celebration in Amsterdam

26/Apr/2024 - 28/Apr/2024

Dear Travellers, You know that day in the Netherlands when the whole…

Rhine Falls, Zurich & Lucerne: One Day Trip

26/Apr/2024 - 28/Apr/2024

Dear Travellers, Why not join us for our best-selling one-day…

Adriatic Magic: Zagreb, Ljubljana, Lake Bled, and Plitvice National Park Adventure

08/May/2024 - 12/May/2024

Nature enthusiast? Party animal? Travel lust? Sounds like you are on…

Beach trip to France Riviera; Marseille, Cannes & Nice, Monte Carlo, Antibes

08/May/2024 - 12/May/2024

Dear Traveler, Embark on a serene beach getaway along the French…

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Sit back, relax and enjoy our comfortable coaches, equipped with premium seats.


Sit back, relax and enjoy our comfortable coaches, equipped with premium seats.

Qualitiy Accommodation

Sit back, relax and enjoy our comfortable coaches, equipped with premium seats.

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Sit back, relax and enjoy our comfortable coaches, equipped with premium seats.

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Booking and Payment FAQs

Bus seating arrangement (Premium seats and Booking seats together)

There is the option for 2 addtional add-ons for all trips which allow you to book particular seating arrangements. These add- ons or 'extras' are referred to as PREMIUM SEATS and SEATS TOGETHER and their prices vary depending on selection. These seats are handy especially if you need or want some extra room while traveling on the bus or if you are travelling with another person and you want to sit together. The booking options for these are: Front Row (yellow) Get to enjoy the beautiful view from the front of our bus. Enjoy European scenery you only get to see when you are on the road. You will be able to get that photo snap on-the-go. Balcony Seat (purple) Perfect if you wish to have an open space before you and without anyone reclining in your personal space! This seat also allows you to get out of the bus quicker.2nd Row (green) Get a glimpse of how the road ahead looks like, due to your proximity to the Front Row. Seats together (any blue seat, together) If you wish to make sure your companion will definitely be sitting next to you, this option will save you the trouble :)

Can I bring my parents or children on a trip?

Only people between 18 and 39 can travel on our trips, so this is not possible. 

Do I have a Premium Seat during the whole trip?

You will have your premium seat for the whole trip! Once we get off the bus to visit a city, you will come back to your same seat. If we stay overnight at a destination and then get back on the bus the next day, you will still be able to find your premium seat. These premium seats apply only for when you are traveling with Wanderlust buses. Any other transfer with a company that is not working under the Wanderlust Trips management (ex: FlixBuss, BlaBla bus, Deutsche Bahn...) will not include premium seats or any special seating arrangement. Please do note: if the person that you are booking Seats Together with comes from another city, there is a high probability that this person is not joining the same bus.

How can I book a trip with pm2am ?

a. First, choose from any of our awesome upcoming trips on our website. (We recommend all of them 😉)

b. Then, pick the departure city that is most convenient to your location and the number of tickets you wish to purchase.

c. Fill in a simple form with your personal details as well as contact information and proceed to the payment page.

d. Redeem your voucher code (if you have one) and choose one of our payment options and complete the booking.

e. Get your ticket and prepare yourself for an awesome journey with us !!

How do you know when my payment arrives?

Credit card or SOFORT banking payments are validated in real time. Therefore, you will get an email immediately after making your transaction. 

I am not a student, can I join your trips?

Even though most of our travelers are students, you are still welcome to join our trips as long as you are between 18 and 39 years old.

I am traveling with friends, will we all be in the same bus together?

If you and your friends depart from the same city, most likely, you will be in the same bus. However, in order for our system to recognize you as a group, we encourage you to book your seats all together. If you and your friends depart from different cities, we cannot guarantee that you will travel in the same bus together, or stay at the same accommodation in case of a multi-day trip.

Is there a deadline for booking?

There is no fixed deadline as we continue to sell tickets until the buses are fully booked. However, we suggest to finish booking atleast 2 days prior to the date of departure.

Why do you need my personal details, such as birth date and phone number?

Your birth date is needed because only people between 18 and 39 years old can travel with us. We ask for your valid contact information, such as phone number and email, so that we can reach you before and during the trip. However, we comply with data protection regulations, so your personal information is safe with us.