Trip Description

Dear Travellers,

Join us for a day in Austria to explore its captivating cities!

From lakes & mountains to the quaint streets in Salzburg Old Town, this trip offers you both and gives you a great introduction to to the old Austro-Hungarian environment!

Nature enthusiasts & city explorers really can have it all! 

You'll find plenty of interesting attractions in Salzburg, including the beautiful Hohensalzburg Fortress, Mozart's birthplace, and the famous cathedral. Fans of 'The Sound of Music' film will also not be disappointed! You can see the most famous locations from the film and hear the hills that are "alive with the sound of music!"

Hallstatt in itself is an absolute jewel. A beautiful village with 16th-century Alpine houses and alleyways, home to many traditional cafes and shops. Voted one of Austria's most picturesque villages, you won't want to miss out on one of our last trips of the year! 


Do not miss out our student-friendly prices


23.02.24 | 14:30 | Brussels*
23.02.24 | 14:15 | Amsterdam*
23.02.24 | 15:00 | Eindhoven Centraal*
23.02.24 | 18:30 | Dusseldorf ZOB
23.02.24 | 19:30 | Cologne - Airport 
23.02.24 | 21:45 | Frankfurt - Hbf 
23.02.24 | 23:45 | Ma̵nnheim Central St̵ation 
24.02.24 | 01:45 | Stuttgart Vaihingen 


*Brussels , Amsterdam & Eindhoven will have a connection, either with Flixbus or other similar transportation means (DB, Blablabus, ...)

We are looking forward to many young internationals joining our trip!

*Note that the times are only estimated and will be confirmed via email 2 days before the departure!

We do not recommend booking train, flight, or bus tickets before receiving the final departure times since there can be some smaller modifications. Always check the times!


Duration : 23/Feb/2024 - 25/Feb/2024
Age: 18-39
Destinations : Salzburg, Hallstatt - Austria

𝐃𝐚𝐲 1: Friday 23.02.24 - DEPARTURE

We start to gather up from all cities of departure - Time to get some rest or make new friends during the bus ride to Austria!

𝐃𝐚𝐲 2: Saturday 24.02.24 - SALZBURG & HALLSTATT

Arrival to Hallstatt in the morning, where you have some free time (1-2 hours) in one of the most beautiful lakeside villages in Austria, and where you can roam around the magical village. Take pictures of the stunning scenery, the lake glimmering in the morning sunshine. Around 12:00 arrival in the beautiful city of Salzburg. Spend the day drinking in the wonderful sights at your leisure. Around 23:00 we depart from Salzburg to your home cities.

𝐃𝐚𝐲 3: Sunday 25.02.24 - HOME SWEET HOME

Arrival back to your home cities. (Exact time of arrival can only be confirmed when the bus journey home starts, ask your team leader or bus driver for it.)


Free time:
Free time to explore the beautiful cities of Salzburg & Hallstatt!

View of Hallstatt:
A view of Hallstatt, one of Austria's prettiest lakeside villages

Sightseeing tour:
1.5 hour of sightseeing walking tour in Salzburg

Bus transfer to and from your destination with a comfortable couch (with AC, the option to Premium Seats, reclining chairs, minimum 3 stars)

Team leader:
Friendly PM2AM Team leader assisting you throughout the journey

Free Digital Brochures:
Brochures with maps to help you around the cities!

Postcards from each place to send to your loved ones or to keep for yourself as a memory of a great trip.



Join us for experiencing a truly beautiful, definitely once-in-a-lifetime view of the beautiful town of Hallstatt, the mountains and the waters! It is clear why this is a World Heritage view!

Note: All prices are per person

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