I do not know about you, but the first thing that pops up in my mind about Stockholm is the Stockholm syndrome. This is probably due to the fact that I am weird. Other more normal associations with Sweden are, of course, Ikea and Swedish balls (the meal, not the...) Anyways! Back to the topic: how to make the most out of your time in Stockholm. As we visit the Swedish capital during each of our Lapland trips, I decided to make a blog post that will help our travellers plan their visit in this charming city. Enjoy! Let us first discuss what are the places to visit during your one day in Stockholm. A good first spot to start your exploration is the City Hall. Unquestionably one of the most famous, if not THE most famous, buildings in Sweden. The City Hall is situated in the heart of the city, which makes it very convenient. My personal favourite part of this attraction, however, is not the building itself (which is indisputably a beautiful building worth visiting), but the view you get from the top of the tower. The tower of City Hall is one of the highest buildings in Sweden and provides a mesmerizing view of the whole city! The building is gorgeous inside but unfortunately the entry was not free last time I was there. Nonetheless, I would still recommend if you have time, and some euros to spare, to take the tour. I think it is worth it. Once you see the city from above, it is time to explore the picturesque Gamla Stan or Old City. I personally LOVED this part of town with its medieval charm, gorgeous architecture with colourful facades, typical cute European streets, adorable stores and cosy cafes. One can truly breath the history in the air. I could not have enough of it! And to make my experience more exciting, many attractions are located in Gamla Stan such as the Stockholm Cathedral and The Royal Palace, which is great considering the time limit we have in the city. If you are to spend your time in just one single spot in Stockholm, my advice would be Gamla Stan with no doubt in my mind. Another attraction I would highly recommend is the Sky View. It is absolutely lovely! You are basically getting in a glass ball which is going up the world?s largest spherical building to witness an amazing view! It is such a great experience. What is even better is the fact that the gondolas depart every 10 minutes and the journey lasts round about 30 minutes which is great for our limited time schedule! The view you get from the top is breath-taking. You can enjoy the view while grabbing a bite or a drink in the restaurant or the café. An absolute MUST. Lastly, the perfect end of your visit to Stockholm would be the walking path Monteliusvägen. This spot is especially pleasant on sunset when the shore and the buildings around are wrapped in soft red and orange light. You will catch a great view of Lake Mälaren, City Hall, and Riddarholmen when walking by, making it a great spot to take photos that will make your friends jealous. As we go to Stockholm mostly during winter time, I feel obliged to warn that it might get slippery at times, therefore, you should be careful not to accidentally fall in the water as the weather conditions are not great for taking a swim. After all the walking and exploring, I am sure you will be starving and would like to get a bite before heading back to the meeting point (WARNING: remembering the time to meet back might slip your mind if you are enjoying this city properly! So best set a reminder on your phone). Of course, being in Sweden for just a day, we all want to try some Swedish food. My favourite Swedish meal is the meatballs. I LOVE Swedish meatballs. I am sorry if I triggered all vegetarian and vegan readers right now, but I love my meat (Fun fact: the Swedish name köttbullar sounds Turkish to me. Might be heating a wrong grammatical or cultural trace, but hey! These things happen when you live around internationals and travel a lot; the world seems to share more than it does). They usually serve them with mashed potatoes and rich gravy sauce. Like a British person would say: Brilliant! This is my to go meal whenever I visit Sweden. Other local options are gravid lax (dill cured salmon), toast Skagen (a piece of toast topped with shrimp) and surströmming (fermented herring), but honestly, not my jam. I will skip and stick to the meatballs. Thanks. If you have different taste than mine, go ahead and indulge! Smaklig måltid! Well, these are all the tips I have for you. Hopefully this post will help you easily plan your visit in Stockholm. Good luck and see you in Stockholm ;) By Anastasia (aka Annie)