Would you like to have a more unusual experience during your Zurich trip? Well, you came to the right place! What a better person to tell you about that than a weirdo, aka me?! Have a look at my suggestions and see whether you will be up for any of these. ;) N1: Visit the Moulage Museum My personal favourite! I am highly fascinated by death and diseases. Yeah, I know, weird, creepy, blah blah blah. I still love it, so shush! The Moulagenmuseum is not for people with weak hearts. Dedicated to the art of the moulage, mock-ups of diseases and injuries, the Moulagenmuseum is a hypochondriacs nightmare (well, not to me but to most people). Originally used as a way to train health professionals and share medical knowledge, the wax models now stand as a testament to the impact that diseases, such as cancer, syphilis and leprosy, can have on the human body. There are around 600 wax figures shown at the museum. (Mowbray, 2017) As a matter of fact, you can enter the museum for FREE with the Zurich card, so make sure to get it! Definitely the best deal for when you go to Zurich. It saves me so much money every time. No shameless promo intended. :D N2: Visit the Birthplace of Dadaism at Cabaret Voltaire No surprisingly, I also very much enjoy my visits to Cabaret Voltaire (Spiegelgasse 1 8001 Zürich). Why? Well, duh! Dadaism! Dadaism was founded in the middle of the old town of Zurich: a movement best described as a mix of art and the absurd. The Cabaret Voltaire stands at the heart of it all. Nowadays it still carries this quirky feeling, which you can enjoy while having some drinks. But Annie, what is Dadaism? I am happy you asked. As described by Artyfactory, Dadaism or Dada was a form of artistic anarchy born out of disgust for the social, political and cultural values of the time. It embraced elements of art, music, poetry, theatre, dance and politics. Dada was not so much a style of art like Cubism or Fauvism; it was more a protest movement with an anti-establishment manifesto. (DADAISM, kein Datum) Awesome, I know. You are welcome for being educated, by the way. Unfortunately, these are the only two weird places I have found in Zurich so far. If you have seen some other cool unusual places, let me know! :) By Anastasia (aka Annie)