Bus info: Seating arrangement

Hi pm2am Traveler! Here is a lot more information if you are thinking about booking a special seating arrangement during your trip: These seats are called: PREMIUM SEATS and SEATS TOGETHER and prices vary depending on selection. These seats are handy especially if you need or want some extra room around you while traveling on the bus. Or traveling with a companion, partner, best buddy or family member and want to sit together. Here is the description for each option you have when booking: Front Row (yellow) Get to enjoy the beautiful view from the front of our bus. Enjoy European scenery you only get to see when you are on the road. You will be able to get that photo snap on-the-go. Balcony Seat (purple) Perfect if you wish to have an open space before you! With no one reclining into your personal space. This place allows you to work your way out of the bus quicker. 2nd Row (green) Get a glimpse of how the road ahead looks like as youŽll be close to the view from our Front Row. Seats together (any blue seat, together) If you wish to make sure your companion will sit next to you, this option will save you the trouble :) Note: Please keep in mind that if you and your partner are booking from different cities, there is a possibility of not boarding the same bus. This arrangement does not apply for hotel rooms (you are not booking a private room). Hope this helps you decide what is it that you would like to have during your trip :) Safe travels, Andrea (pm2am teamer)