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Student, Germany

I decided to join the trip because I wanted to experience a whole new holiday adventure far from the ordinary. Travelling through so many of the Northern European cities at once seemed like a great opportunity for me to do so. My favourite moment was waking up on the ferry to Helsinki to the most amazing sunrise I've ever seen over the frozen sea. Another unforgettable memory was the reindeer ride through the snowy forest, which made me feel like a part of a fairytale.


Student, Germany

I actually have never planned to join the trip. It was my friend who told me that I should come to the trip and I planned everything at the eleventh hour. It was my luck to get the ticket on the last day. And I am so glad that I came to that trip. It was the best. Italy has always been one of my favourite countries. I made pretty good friends and memories there. Travelling with them was one of my favourite moments.

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